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Results-oriented professional with thirty-four years supporting diverse initiatives in the private and Federal sectors: program/portfolio/product management, systems analysis,risk management, software development, project management, process engineering, enterprise architecture, documentation, assessments, business development, product development, operational support, and other skills and services.

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Senior Program Analyst / Management Consultant - National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Office of Stockpile Services, Office of High Explosives and Energetics (and peer bureaus) (contract), by Navarro and InfoReliance 8/2010 to Present Washington, DC

  • Support stockpile management programs: Production Support, Product Realization Integrated Digital Enterprise, Model-Based Enterprise, and High Explosives and Energetics.
  • Support the establishment and effective execution of programs related to national security.
  • Develop strategic plans and performance cascades.  
  • Develop approaches, plans, and guides for supply chain risk management (SCRM) and COOP planning for energetic materials and mission software
  • Mentor diverse team for develoment and use of supply chain models, Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), and reliabiity analysis.
  • Develop best practices for major capital acquisition and project management.
  • Lead reviews of major IT projects in Weapons Complex.
  • Devise plans, processes, index, and lexion for model-based enterprise/digital engineering.  
  • Analyze business domains and recommend solutions.
  • Mentor software development and review teams within the nuclear weapons complex.
  • Drive improvements in supply chain management/continuity.
  • Help devise strategies, build coalitions, and develop artifacts for the adoption of model-based engineering.
  • Devise plans for mission transformation and integration.
  • Coordinate and lead Interdisciplinary Project Teams (IPT).
  • Develop data management plans for trusted systems.
  • Develop models of information and process flows.
  • Coordinate/build consensus among Weapons programs, HQ, National plants and labs, field offices, and vendors
  • Develop process for, and conduct, budget and portfolio analysis.
  • Craft studies and white papers providing insight on mission operations.
  • Develop enterprise and information architectures for mission segments.
  • Develop approaches for budget formulation and programming.
  • Develop and mentor others of the developmen of comprehensive project plans.
  • Develop business cases, mission need statements, analyses of alternatives, and requirements documents.

Senior Enterprise Architect - Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), Office of Information Technology (contract), by Edgewater Federal Solutions March 2016 to March 2017 Carlsbad, NM

  • Bootstrapped and lead Enterprise Architecture (EA) program.
  • Developed Technology Inventory and Position Statements.
  • Developed segment architecture documents.
  • Developed tailored EA framework and related surveys.
  • Integrated various portfolio management disciplines.
  • Mentored and directed the efforts of the EA team.
  • Interfaced with business units, helping them understand their current positon and plan transition to a future state.
  • Developed modeling and data management tools.
  • Devised trust-based, tiered information security approach

Senior Management Consultant/Information Architect - NNSA, Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO) (contract)
by Edgewater Federal Solutions 3/2004 to 3/2008, 3/2009 to 6/2010
Germantown, MD; Washington, DC

  • Ensured justification, feasibility, and quality of IT across national nuclear security enterprise.
  • Participated in formal review teams and advisory boards for mission-critical IT projects.
  • Wrote and reviewed business cases, critical decision packages.
  • Provided technical guidance and perform targeted research.
  • Developed policy, process, workbook for IT projects.
  • Developed integrated framework for IT investment & acquisition: EA, PM, security, budget, contracts, CPIC.
  • Contributed to enterprise-wide policy & planning activities.
  • Developed structured guidance for Operational Analysis.
  • Drafted policy for issuance and security of portable devices.
  • Developed EA strategic and implementation plans.
  • Devised corporate approach to portfolio management.
  • Lead analyst and project manager for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) transition.

Senior Enterprise Architect -  Department of Education , OCIO (contract)
by eGlobalTech
Washington, DC March 2008 to March 2009

  • Developed segment architectures for agency lines of business and strategic capabilities.
  • Guided agency's information architecture strategies and business transformations.
  • Developed EA artifacts consistent with Federal guidance (FSAM, FEA) and other approaches (e.g. TOGAF, Zachman)
  • Mentored team in EA best practices.
  • Advised business owners regarding information management and IT investments.
  • Reviewed IT budgets and contracts for architectural alignment.
  • Provided expertise on technology/business trends.
  • Developed analytical framework for portfolio analysis.
  • Responded to OMB requirements and inquiries.

Managing Partner and COO - Xpresense, LLC
Rockville, MDMay 2005 to December 2007

  • Responsible for daily operations and planning build-out.
  • Developed business and operating plans and strategy.
  • Raised $525k; presented to angel and venture groups.
  • Maintained corporate records; wrote corporate agreement; managed membership accounting and relations.
  • Managed multi-unit booths at national industry conventions.
  • Managed contractor staff and vendor relationships.
  • Served as Press Agent; placed ads.
  • Drafted patent material; managed trademarks, copyrights.
  • Managed relationships with legal counsel and USPTO.
  • Prepared functional design and code specifications.
  • Developed (in assembly code) application workflow and data transitions for Microchip microprocessor.
  • Designed OO event framework for assembly code.
  • Designed and executed an array of graphic art: full-page, 4C magazine advertisements, product logos, etc.
  • Designed and maintained company website.
  • Defined supply chain processes using DFD and BPMN.
  • Wrote user guide and quick start guide.

Project Manager and Lead Developer - Verizon, Testing Lab (contract by Prism)
Silver Spring, MDNovember 2002 to October 2003

  • Delivered Web-based solution to 500-user Contact Management System (CMS) that greatly enhanced features and stability. 
  • Designed and implemented business rules, state machines, record locking, and role-based access and workflow.
  • Managed work of matrixed team members.
  • Performed requirements and systems analysis; designed system around key use cases; employed UML diagrams.
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) employed user group, just-enough analysis, GUI mockups.
  • CMS employed 3-tier MVC model, jquery-like framework, custom AJAX framework, and RESTful web services,
  • CMS consisted of 85 views, multiple frames, wizards, treeviews, drag-and-drop, modal pop-up windows, etc.
  • Delivered and documented complete API.
  • Produced documentation for end-users, administrators, and developers.
  • Developed interactive view specs using XML/HTML.
  • Integrated with backend business systems
  • Also ported Excel-based app to Web-based solutions, using Lotus Domino.

Network Services Analyst - Verizon, Broadband Networking Lab (contract) by Prism
Silver Spring, MDApril 2000 to November 2002

  • Wrote and illustrated design documents, technical descriptions, and white papers for next-generation networks.
  • Coordinated projects among internal and external parties. Allocated lab resources using weighted use cases.
  • Organized cross-functional working and education sessions.
  • Performed requirements and systems analysis for protocol designs, software, networks, and equipment.
  • Coordinated, reviewed, and wrote patent cases.
  • Met with industry leaders about delivery of broadband services.
  • Researched and applied IETF RCFs, MIBs, etc.
  • Installed and configured network elements and servers.
  • Assessed cutting edge network gear and Mgmt. Systems.
  • Configuration manager for equipment installed in lab.
  • Project manager and requirement analyst for NMS.
  • Developed (using Zope, ASP, PHP, Postgres) a GUI-based Subscriber/Service Mgmt. System for DSL services trial.
  • Programmed (in C, C++) an MPEG-2 decoder/rewriter.
  • Programmed (using shell scripts, Tcl/Expect) routines to automate management of network devices.
  • Programmed test tools in Tcl/Tk, Visual Basic, VBScript.
  • Coded (C++) DHCP client and test jig using vendor API.
  • Coded (in Tcl) DHCP-spoofing tests using vendor library.
  • Programmed shell scripts to report on multi-gigabit database.
  • Used Java/Corba to integrate with third-party system.

Process Mentor/Business Analyst - GEICO, OASIS Project (contract) by OSG
Washington, D.C. June 1999 to April 2000

  • Mentored and assisted with the implementation of the Rational Unified Process (RUP), mixed with eXtreme Programming (XP)
  • Developed guidelines and templates for lifecycle artifacts.
  • Analyzed and managed use cases and other project artifacts to ensure semantic clarity, robustness, accuracy, and consistency. Created various UML models.
  • Developed various tools that facilitated the management of information, using VBA and VBScript (Automation objects).
  • Designed PVCS (config. mgmt) directory structure and integrated PVCS into automated information management routine.
  • Researched and wrote specification detailing integration with legacy database and procedures.

Software Developer - Fannie Mae, IT Services Division (contract) by MYTA
Washington, D.C.November 1998 to June 1999

  • Developed (in Perl 5, Awk, Javascript, HTML, and shell scripts) a reporting tool for mission-critical network and computing platforms. Automated the collection/storage of information about Unix hosts, provided a Web-based user interface to define reports, and provided a CGI program to retrieve and present the output.
  • Performed requirements analysis for end-user requirements, work processes, external data sources, interfaces.
  • Helped organize enterprise data sharing initiative, using brokered approach.

IT Analyst - Bell Atlantic, Technology Assessment Service (contract) by New Boston
Silver Spring, MDSeptember 1997 to November 1998

  • Researched and wrote news articles, technical reports, white papers, and business cases about emerging technologies and business opportunities, including broadband (e.g. xDSL, cable), Internet applications (e.g. voice over IP), and ancillary technologies (e.g. firewire, USB).
  • Worked with subject matter experts and industry leaders to develop concepts and gather information.
  • Developed database of H.323 vendors using Domino Web interface, NotesScript, and Notes formulas.

Lead Technical Writer and Project Coordinator- Fannie Mae, Object Factory Project (contract) by MYTA
Washington, D.C.April 1996 to September 1997

  • Assisted with product development and internal marketing of enterprise-wide, OO, SOA-based software development ecosystem, which was a precursor to RUP and UML.
  • Researched and wrote reference and user's documents about the run-time mechanisms, API, lifecycle methodology, development procedures, and extensive glossary of OOA/OOD and process engineering concepts.
  • Supervised and trained staff writers; coordinated projects; managed schedule; and served as technical liaison.
  • Liaised with internal customers.
  • Contributed to best practices for OO modeling.
  • Automated preparation of online books using custom WordBasic and 'C' programs.
  • Served as project Webmaster; configured Apache Web server; wrote server-side routines in 'C' and Awk.
  • Helped develop sample applications and tutorials.
  • Performed usability and functional testing.

Senior Technical Writer - Loral Federal Systems, FAA Modernization (contract) by MYTA
Rockville, MDSeptember 1995 to April 1996

  • Researched and wrote system-level operations and maintenance manual for an air traffic control automation system, developed for the FAA (TCCC part of AAS). Manual focused on centralized, remote maintenance of distributed TCP/IP Ethernet networks, and included detailed descriptions of system hardware and software.
  • Wrote, illustrated, and assembled documents using Interleaf.
  • Used various AIX tools and commands, NetView, and other applications to run and test system.
  • Compiled, wrote, and implemented error messages.
  • Used C and WordBasic routines to automate tasks.

Senior Technical Writer - National Public Radio, Distribution Division (contract)
Washington, DCApril 1995 to September 1995

  • Produced engineering guides, user guides, and installation guides for hardware/software automation systems for satellite downlink stations (SOSS).
  • Coordinated the work of various contributors and reviewers. 
  • Wrote and illustrated documents Microsoft Word. Created figures in Visio, AutoCAD, MS Draw
  • Used VBA to developed a project-based documentation system.

Lead Technical Writer - GE Information Services (contract) by Facilities Plus
Rockville, MDJuly 1992 to April 1995

  • Wrote documents and online help for a financial consolidation and reporting system, LEX2000 (Windows, DOS, and MF versions). Documented reporting, data input, database administration, configuration topics, mathematical functions, and data format specifications
  • Designed user interfaces for Windows version.
  • Supervised and trained staff writers; coordinated projects; managed schedule; served as technical liaison.
  • Tested product and tracked problem reports.
  • Used MS Word, KEDIT, and RoboHelp to develop content.
  • Automated tasks using Word and KEDIT macros.

Technical Writer – IBM (contract) by COMSYS
Bethesda, MDDecember 1990 to July 1992

  • Wrote online help and publications for an image and data processing system running on the AS/400. Covered operation of the system, product changes, advanced configuration, concept of operation, administration, and installation.
  • Used mainframe (XEDIT, BookMaster SGML) to draft books. Drafted help using AS/400 DDS and UIM hypertext system
  • Used COBOL, OS/400 CL, and SQL to do a mass conversion of all help panels from DDS format to UIM format.
  • Used C and REXX to develop versioning and sorting routine for system messages.
  • REXX and XEDIT to automate editorial work.

Assoc. Operations Manager / Project Manager – Unitec Digital Systems
Vienna, VANovember 1989 to September 1990

  • Coordinated, wrote, and illustrated technical and cost proposals.
  • Managed daily operations and managed manpower.
  • Supervised team for installation of cable distribution system, featuring 1200-pair, 6 floors, multiple frames, and stations.
  • Wrote and illustrated project documentation.
  • Wrote business correspondence and legal abstract.
  • Maintained company business plan.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained telecommunications equipment (T1 channel banks and multiplexers, DCE, X.25).
  • Installed telephone and data cable distribution systems.

Technical Editor/Illustrator - NEC America, Fiber Optics Division (contract) by Tech Aid
Herndon, VAJuly 1987 to November 1989

  • Edited, illustrated, wrote, and proofread documentation about high-speed fiber optic systems, equipment, and software.
  • Followed GPO style and Bellcore standards.
  • Created interactive routines for AutoCAD (in AutoLISP).
  • Used AutoCAD to create all graphics for department publications: technical illustrations, circuitry diagrams, flowcharts, etc. Drafted text using Wang OIS.


Product Line Management

Juniper Networks, Support Technologies (2017) (contract by Pro Unlimited)
  • Directed vision and estabished priorities for public-facing customer service portal.
  • Regained customer trust, established management discipline, and put high-profile products on achievable schedule.
  • Ensured common purpose and vision for products across internal and external organizations.

Customer Service and Operations Support

Juniper Networks, Advanced Services (2014) (contract by Pro Unlimited)
  • Monitored customer service accounts; coordinated troubleshooting; and provided timely responses.
  • Worked cases to closure. Analyzed operational and product-related data sets (Excel, Business Objects) to produce insights.
  • Routinely reported to customers; continuously provided situation awareness to management and technical staff.

Federal Program Support

NNSA, OCIO (2010) (contract by InfoReliance)
  • Guided business transformation initiatives related to remote collaboration.
  • Lead author for Business Impact Analysis (BIA) of Advanced Simulation Computing (ASC) supercomputing program.
DOE, OCIO, Budget office (2010-11) (contract by Planet Technologies)
  • Guided integration of planning, programming, budgeting, and performance evaluation.
  • Helped define KPIs and performance metrics for operating divisions.
  • Provide support for budget-performance integration.
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, OCIO (2007-2008)
  • Delivered data dictionary, architectural design and analysis artifacts for agency TRM.
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, OCFO (2006) (contract for Edgewater Federal Solutions)
  • Developed system architecture models to illustrate usage and interfaces of financial systems, using tailored DFDs.
DOE, Office of Fossil Fuel, Office of Communications (2004)
  • Delivered guidelines for developing client-server software and preparing it for the production environment.
DOE, Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management, IT Department (2004) (contract by Planet Technologies)
  • Developed plans and supporting materials for Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP).
Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (2003)
  • Delivered a Statement of Work for software contract; emphasis on the Rational Unified Process (RUP), SEI CMM, OMB A-130

Software Development/Programming

Juniper Networks (2016)
  • Developed system architectures for dynamic, complex, adaptive distributed program execution environment.
  • Developed prototype code in NodeJS for object synthesis and automation of code management systems: NPM and Git.
Juniper Networks (2010)
  • Developed prototype for a real-time, Web-based multicast monitoring portal. Integrated Juniper routers with system components in a push architecture. Utilized Apache, Comet/AJAX, SNMP, MySQL, Event scripts, JUNOS API, Perl, shell scripts, Javascript, JSON, AJAX, SNMP, and XML.
Dr. Dan Osterweil, MD, Gerontologist (2007)
  • Developed tool for gauging walking speed of patients.  Used 'C' and National Instruments C API to develop data acquisition routines. Used Windows native API and COM to integrate user interface with MS Excel.
Subway Subshops, local franchisee (1990-1992)
  • Developed cash register/Point-of-sale system. Used 'C' language to create structured, modular programs. Built low-level user interface components, complete with windows, menus, online help, indexed database, and file I/O routines.
SIAC (2004)(contract by MoyaTech)
  • Implemented secure infrastructure enhancements to Zope/Plone database system for the U.S. Dept. of Navy. Configured and integrated servers; integrated new objects and adapted workflow.
LCTI (1994-95) (contract by MicroTemps)
  • Used WordBasic and series of templates to develop a closed, forms-based system that grew to accommodate the user's text and data entry. Provided batch input mechanisms and exported comma-separated data.
  • Used WordPerfect 6.1 to develop interactive template for constructing codified document that consisted of several sub-documents. Created C++ DLL to read/write configuration, store state, manage document revisions, and write structured files.
  • Wrote online help using RoboHelp and the Windows help facility. 

Business and Marketing Support

Edgewater Federal Solutions (2010)
  • Developed marketing strategy based on extensive market research and analysis.
  • Presented product and business opportunities to investment community.
Planet Technologies (2005)
  • Developed company SDLC, emphasizing value-added principles.
  • Prepared proposals for IT-related RFPs.
JD Monitoring (1987-1991)
  • Researched, wrote, and illustrated user manuals for electronic, geriatric care device.
  • Wrote and designed advertisements and promotional material.  Created company logo.

Project Support

National Marine Fisheries Services (2012)
  • Developed Operations, Maintenance, and Support (OM&S) procedures for distributed enterprise directory services.
  • Liaised with HQ and field elements.
  • Described and helped refine system architecture.
National Public Radio (NPR) (2005, 2000, 1996)
  • Developed installation and engineering guide for next-generation satellite distribution system (ContentDepot).
  • Performed requirements analysis and presented GUI prototypes for Web-based survey.
  • Develop Web-based help for the survey. Participated in beta testing and quality assurance.
  • Produced end user documentation for messaging subsystem of satellite broadcast system. 
MiSoft– Metters Industries (1998-99)
  • Developed, researched, wrote, and illustrated a training course for Internet gateway sites sponsored by the USAID. Topics included TCP/IP concepts, administrative support, components of the gateway (e.g. Cisco router, IRX firewall, modem bank, Unix server, RADIUS).
PBS (1998)
  • Edited training manual for the DTVExpress project, which introduced Digital TV broadcasting to broadcast engineers.
MicroDynamics, Inc. (1994)
  • Wrote and illustrated system administration manual for document imaging software product, MARS 6000.
IBM (1990)
  • Edited and rewrote engineering manuals for the Advanced Automation System (AAS) project for the FAA. 
Resource Consultants, Inc. (1990-91)
  • Edited, rewrote, and produced camera-ready copy for SOPs for the U.S. Postal Service.
Contel SPACECOM (1986-87)
  • Coordinated documentation process for documents deliverable to the U.S. Air Force (ICDs, B- and C- Specs, proposals). Handled documents from receipt of originals, to word processing, to graphics, to print. Conformed to MIL standards.


  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History, University of Maryland, College Park, 1985
  • Minor in Advertising Design. Museum intern, Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD


  • 7,042,880 Congestion and throughput visibility and isolation
    Introduces QoS into a carrier network in a manner that enables the delivery of sophisticated and demanding IP-based services to subscribers, does not affect existing Internet tiers of service, and is cost-effective in terms of initial costs, build-out, and ongoing operations.
  • 7,569,762 RF-based dynamic remote control for audio effects devices or the like
    Provides wireless remote control of devices, where the controller is worn by, or affixed to, the operator, and responds in real-time to position or movements. Enables the operator to control remote devices, even while engaged in other activities. For example, a musician uses the remote control in the form of a finger ring to finely control (nuance) audio effects.

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Access (Microsoft)
  • Prototyped reporting application (Fannie Mae) and several relational schemas.
  • Used XMLHTTP object to create seamless, fully interactive Web application (Verizon).
    Used Comet push server for Juniper multicast monitoring portal.
  • Supported VB and PHP versions of subscriber management system (Verizon)
  • Prototyped subscriber profile system, with ADO.
Assembly (Microchip)
  • Developed UI/application workflow, data transformations for control unit (Xpresense)
AutoLisp (Lisp)
  • Integrated automation routines integrated into AutoCAD (NEC)
  • Developed sets of reports for multi-gigabyte database (Verizon)
  • Developed data acquisition routines using NI API and Windows API.)
  • Developed point-of-sale application for DOS (Subway sub shops)
  • Programmed (with C++) an MPEG-2 decoder/rewriter (Verizon)
  • HTML-RTF conversion tool (Fannie Mae)
  • Wrote server-side CGI wrappers (Fannie Mae)
  • Developed a DHCP client integrated into a network test jig (Verizon)
  • Wrote DLLs for WordPerfect-based documentation system (LCTI)
  • Programmed data conversion utilities (IBM)
  • Integrated network maintenance scripts to network management system (Verizon)
  • Integrated Lotus Notes and MS Office suite for data import/export (Bell Atlantic)
  • Used virtual containers for development (Juniper)
  • Developed vendor-product compilation database (Bell Atlantic)
  • Used for code management and for automating code management/access (Juniper)
  • Designed many dynamic Web pages for formal and informal applications
  • Interpreted and documented MIB specifications and enterprise types (Verizon, Fannie Mae)
  • Integrated network maintenance scripts to network management system (Verizon)
  • Developed client-server contract management system (Verizon).
  • Developed user interface and server components for Juniper multicast monitoring portal.
  • Constructed dynamic Web pages for several formal and informal sites.
  • Prototyped object integration and code management automation (Juniper).
LotusScript & Formula language
  • Developed Domino forms and views (Bell Atlantic, Verizon)
MS DOS batch scripting
  • Programmed extensions to version control system (GEICO)
  • Developed prototypes databases (GEICO), document management/tracking (NNSA), others. Used for all manner of analysis tasks for large data sets.
  • Served as database for Juniper Multicast Monitoring Portal.
  • Prototyped object integration and code management automation (Juniper).
  • Used for packaging deliverables (Juniper) and for automating code management/distribution (Juniper).
  • Developed CGI-based reporting application and foundation classes (Fannie Mae).
  • Integrated Juniper multicast monitoring portal.
  • Programmed interactive TL-1 sessions over TCP/IP session (Verizon).
  • Developed Web-based subscriber management system (Verizon)
  • Wrote routines to support Zope-based customer acquisition system (Verizon)
  • Integrated new persistent object structure for file uploads (SAIC).
  • Schematized/maintained database for subscriber acquisition/mgmt. systems (Verizon)
  • Programmed versioning and sorting routine for system messages (IBM)
  • Coded Windows-help files (GEIS).  Converted Word documents to HTML (Fannie Mae)
Shell Scripting
  • Coded wrapper routines for Awk-based reports (Verizon)
  • Gathered platform data from enterprise servers (Fannie Mae)
Sparx Enterprise Architecture
  • (WIPP) Document Enterprise Architecture and system architecture diagrams.
  • Develop custom EA framework artifacts.
  • Interfaced with several relational systems: PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Sybase, etc.
  • Accessed corporate resources for CGI-based application (Fannie Mae)
  • Programmed routines to automate management of network devices (Verizon)
  • Programmed test automation tools and DHCP-spoofing tests(Verizon)
  • Programmed test automation tools (Verizon)
UML and other modeling languages
  • Designed and analyzed information systems, system interactions, and business processes (various).  Use cases, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, DFDs, IDEF0/ICOM, BMPN, etc.
VBScript/Windows Scripting Host/COM
  • Developed internal reporting system; programmed extensions to version control system (GEICO)
  • Integrated version control system with email app, office apps, and file system (GEICO)
Visual Basic (VB)
  • Developed test jig (using Interdev) for network element (Verizon)
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) + COM
  • Developed stand-alone documentation system for Air Force deliverables (LCTI)
  • Developed data acquisition user interface using Excel.
  • Created many office automation tools in MS Office suite.
  • Created IDEF0 modeling tool in Visio.
  • Developed stand-alone documentation system for Air Force deliverables (LCTI)
  • Developed data processing utilities (IBM, GEIS)
  • Developed web services and API for contract management system (Verizon).
  • Transported message between service components in Juniper monitoring portal.
  • Created dynamic application components for contract management system (Verizon)
  • Developed customer acquisition system (Verizon)
  • Integrated new persistent object structure for file uploads (SAIC).


Industries Supported:

  • Aerospace
  • Air-traffic control
  • Consumer electronics
  • Customer support
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial, corporate
  • Financial, Lending
  • Fishery management
  • Food service
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Information management
  • Insurance
  • IT management
  • Military
  • Network equipment
  • Networking
  • Nuclear regulation
  • Nuclear security
  • Nuclear waste management
  • Product development
  • Public broadcasting
  • Software development
  • Supply chain management
  • Telecommunications


Types of Documentation

  • Business and Operating Plans
  • Project Plans, Official Policies
  • Segment Architectures, SOPs
  • Process Guides
  • Proposals
  • Patent cases, Legal briefs, contracts
  • Project execution plans
  • Use Cases, system analyses
  • Requirements, Functional, Technical Specs.
  • Installation, Engineering guides
  • Test plans and test cases
  • Web sites, Online help
  • Technical Reference manuals
  • Data management plans
  • User's Guides, Training Manuals
  • Programmer's and Admin. guides 
  • White papers, Analyses, Reports
  • Advertisements, press releases
  • Articles
  • Military and U.S. government deliverables
  • Quality assurance plans


Office Computer Experience

  • Windows 10 to 3.x
  • Unix [AIX, Solaris, Mach]
  • Linux [various distributions]
  • DOS (3.0 to 6.22), OS/2
  • Macintosh, NextStep/OpenStep
  • IBM AS/400, IBM 3270, Wang OIS
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Project
  • PhotoShop, PaintShop Pro
  • WordPerfect 5-6.1
  • Visio, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Freehand
  • GoLive, FrontPage, RoboHelp
  • XML Spy, various HTML/XML tools
  • MS Outlook, Lotus Notes
  • InDesign, Interleaf, PageMaker
  • Sparx EA,System Architect, Rational Rose
  • TortoiseSVN, PVCS


Networking Experience:

  • Newbridge T1 multiplexer, channel banks
  • Modems/DCE, X.25 PAD,IPSec gateway
  • Cisco 6400; 7000, 2500, 4000, 1900 series
  • Juniper M20
  • Riverstone 32000/8000/3000/2000 series
  • Redback 1000 gateway router
  • Alcatel ASAM 1000 DSLAM
  • Lucent CBX500 ATM switch
  • FTP
  • HTTP (Apache)
  • PPPoE termination
  • Telephone/hybrid cable distribution systems:
    (up to 1200-pair, MDF/IDF, punch down)
  • Cat5 Ethernet for 10/100Base-TX
  • Thinnet (coax)
  • IP, TCP, UDP
  • Ethernet
  • PPPoE, PPPoA, MPoA
  • ATM L2
  • Cisco IOS, Juniper, Riverstone, etc.
  • TL1
  • Various menu-driven and VXworks-type

Curriculum Vitae for Jeffrey Winter